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08 Feb 2014

Seawijh Indonesia

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Who are we

We are a company engaged in marine and fishery products results in Indonesia. We have the principle of exploration results and the marine fisheries with environmentally friendly, responsible, sustainable and prosperous society.


Our expert divers harvest the best quality of nontraditional marine aquatic species in the most scientific manner to cater to the sophisticated international markets. We ensure to avoid the exploitation undersized specimen to avoid the population depletion. We export our new range of products to the far Eastern Countries like, China, Malaysia,singapor, macaw dan hongkong.

Our processing is always in control as well as the quality of service is maintained.

There are many of commercially important species of sea cucumber that are harvested and dried for export for use in Chinese cuisine as Hoi sam. Some of the more commonly found species in markets include:

  • Holothuria fuscogilva ( Teripang susu / White Teatfish )
  • Thelenota ananas (Teripang nanas )
  • Stichopus variegates (Gamat)
  • Sea Cucumber Black Fish / Teripang Kapuk
  • Sea Cucumber Sand Fish / Teripang Gosok

We Have

All the things that make you believe that we are the best company : 

  • Our products are one hundred percent free of toxins and not contaminated by pollutants and heavy metals
  • We are officially certified companies in Indonesia have a legal entities and official permission 
  • Seawijh Indonesia have many branches to make it easier cooperate with you
  • We have a lot of clients in Southeast Asia

Best Product and Price

Quality control To ensure the use of resources through the active participation of our sea cucumbers that are directly involved in the processing of harvested species and species.


Techniques take sea cucumbers by diving. This method is done so that the arrest was not done to excess so that survival will be maintained

Whats Works With Seawijh Product Example :

  1. Natural Grade Carrageenan From Seaweed
  2. Buddha Jump Over The Wall Soup from Abalone and Thelenota Ananas
  3. Claypot of Sea Cucumber
  4. Muntahu Trepang from White Teatfish
  5. Haisom Tam Convent , Cah Haisom , And Many Many More Recipe or menu using Seawijh Product

So Be a Partner. We Have always available stock, The best quality product ,The best price product ,and Number One company in Asia

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