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09 Jan 2015

Why You Must Trust Seawijh Indonesia

Swallow's Nest is one of the best or feautured products by seawijh Indonesia.
We tried to make a bird nest products without any mixture of third parties.
of raw materials, we have own bird nest house in Borneo (For white Birdnest Product/ Grade A) and in Java (For Golden / Yellow birdnest).
For processing, seawijh Indonesia has its own processing factory, so the quality level of similarity in Grade size, up to the level of cleanliness can be properly maintained.
of course, all the processing can be ascertained without chemical process, nitrid, or dangerous drugs.
The process of sorting and delivery / sales is also done by the Seawijh Indonesia.
We have worked with a lot of the expedition so that we can make delivery in Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau up to China.
The price we offer is the CIF is all include Tax, Express Processing and Handling, Door to Door Service and Covering by Insurance.

22 May 2014

The New Product by Seawijh Indonesia

1. Fish Maw (Kerapu Fish) (4 - 6 pcs / Kilogram)

2. Fish Maw (Kurau Fish) (30 - 35 pcs / Kilogram)

15 May 2014

Seawijh Indonesia has many agents in Southeast Asia. Do not Hesitate to start business with us. We always send sample to test the quality of our products , before make a deal with seawijh indonesia. of the samples you can see if we deserve to do business with your company 

We accept orders with various conditions, from the level of dryness, hygiene products, up to the size of the requested. dont worry we have very cheap price to premium price of all kind sea cucumber

Surely it makes you more confident to do business with Indonesian Seawijh


01 Apr 2014

Seawijh Indonesia is a Gold Suplier & Verified Seller on Alibaba

We Accept payment by Wire Transfer (CV Seawijh Indonesia) or Western Union, But if u coverage by Seawijh Agent (See Our Team) by country, Payment by Cash On Delivery.

15 Mar 2014

Soaking and Preparing Dried Sea Cucumber / Haisom / Teripang


Prepare a sea cucumber in dried condition is very easy .Especially if you are buying from Seawijh Indonesia
We have very good quality of sea cucumber to makes it very easy to process to be eaten.

05 Mar 2014

Sebut saja dia ..
Teripang , Trepang , Haisom
Timun Laut , Sea Cucumber , Holothuroidea
Fakta Menarik tentang Teripang
Teripang bukanlah Ikan
Teripang berkomunikasi dengan mengirim signal melalui hormon
Teripang bernafas dengan menggunakan Anus
Teripang mendiami dasar laut dan kadang terlihat setengah terkubur

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