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Abalone / Baoyu

Abalone / Baoyu

Bao yu (traditional Chinese: 鮑魚; simplified Chinese: 鲍鱼; Jyutping: baau6 jyu4) is the common Chinese name given to abalone and also the dried seafood product produced from the adductor muscle of abalone. In dried form, it is a highly prized and expensive ingredient used in Chinese cuisine. In certain regional Chinese cuisines, its status ranks with such priced ingredients as shark's fin, sea cucumber and bird's nest.
Fresh abalone is rarely used in Chinese cuisine. It is often purchased in dehydrated form and rehydrated prior to cooking. Recently, the use of canned abalone in recipes has risen in popularity.
Unlike Japanese cuisine, only the adductor muscle of the abalone is consumed in Chinese cuisine. Abalone innards are rarely, if ever, used in Chinese cooking.

Seawijh Indonesia Abalone Details :

Place Of Origin : Cultivation process in Maluku , Because Maluku have excellent water quality and free of heavy metals or toxin
Processing : Dry with sunlight its a natural process with attention to food safety aspect and without chemicals process
We have always available stock with the good quality and price
Drought: 80 - 90 %
Grade A: 200 250 pcs / Kg
Stock: 400kg / Month


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