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Thelenota Ananas / Teripang Nanas

Thelenota Ananas (Teripang Nanas ) / Sea Cucumber Redfish

T. ananas is a grey, orange, to red sea cucumber, often with a purple cast. It is a very large species (to 600 (750) mm), square in cross section with prominent 'cockscomb' papillae over its upper surface. It has a thick but pliable body and a smooth tegument. Spicules are delicate, dichotomously branched rods without lateral spines (T. ananas spicules). T. ananas may be found on reefs, exposed on rubble. same as Sea Cucumber Mexico / Sea Cucumber Alaska


Drought: 80-90 %
Grade: A (6-8 pcs/Kg)
Availability: 100kg / month


Place Of Origin : Cultivation process in Maluku,Kendari and Sabalangka , Because have excellent water quality and free of heavy metals or toxin
Processing : Dry with sunlight its a natural process with attention to food safety aspect and without chemicals process
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