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Seaweed / Rumput Laut


Seaweed “Eucheuma cottoni” from Indonesia

Specification of product:

  • Drought
: Drought : 30-35%
  • Impurities
: < 2%
  • Harvest time
: 45 days
  • Origin
: Indonesia (the world's best seaweed)
  • Availability
: 10-50 tons / month




Description of Eucheuma cottonii:
Type of seaweed that is often used in the industry is Eucheuma Cottonii . Eucheuma cottonii containing carrageenan ( kappa carrageenan ) . seaweed can be used as a source of nutrition because it contains fiber , minerals ,vitamins , proteins , carbohydrates , fats and Other chemical composition required by the body to maintain health. Eucheuma cottonii containing compound polysaccharide / hydrocolloid are beneficial to health and high fiber compared to other types Another seaweed ( 69.3 g/100 g dry weight ). Utilization of seaweed hydrocolloids from year to year increases even occur inclination change of use compounds other hidrokolid compound to hydrocolloid of seaweed . The main function of seaweed’s polysaccharides in the formulation of food and non-food products are as emulsifier , suspending agents , thickeners and stabilizers .Its ability to form a gel which is good because the content of polysaccharides who owns the carrageenan ( kappa carrageenan ) . kappa carrageenan have the ability to form a gel when the solution heat cools.

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